How much do your recruiters really know about the construction industry? Free printable & emailable quiz

With the construction recruitment industry being highly competitive it is essential to stand out.

A survey found that the most important factor for clients and candidates when choosing to deal with a recruitment agency is the agencies industry knowledge.

Simply copy and paste the questions into an email or print to find out how much your recruiters really know about the current construction industry, and not just what they can just find on Google!

You could even offer a prize to the winner and help those who need a bit more support in impressing their clients and candidates.


  1. How many people are currently employed in the UK construction industry (2018)?
  2. Roughly how many apprenticeship starts were there in the UK construction industry?
  3. What percentage does the construction industry contribute to UK GDP?
  4. Can you name 4 mega projects currently underway in the world?
  5. What are the top 3 tallest buildings currently under construction?
  6. What is the largest construction company in the world by revenue?
  7. At the start of 2018 construction giant Carillion collapsed, how many employees have been made redundant so far? (June 2018)
  8. What is the standard fee for a CSCS card and the cost of the Health, Safety and Environment test?
  9. What does an SMSTS certificate stand for?
  10. What percentage of the UK construction industry workforce is female?


  1. 2.9 Million
  2. 26,000
  3. 7%
  4. Cross Rail, Dubailand, Al Maktoum Airport, Great Man-Made River Project, Jubail 2, South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Beijing Airport, Jeddah Tower, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, California High-Speed Rail
  5. Jeddah Tower, PNB 118 and Wuhan Greenland Center.
  6. China State Construction Engineering
  7. 2,300 – 2,400
  8. £30 & £19.50
  9. Site Management Safety Training Scheme
  10. 14%


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