3 Ways to Get More Candidates – in 24 Hours

Are you fully utilising all your available resources to find top candidates? If you’re like most recruitment consultants (who are largely getting wrapped up in LinkedIn Boolean searches), you’re neglecting some of the easiest and time-tested methods of recruitment. Try to mix them back in and keep a range of weapons at your disposal so you can close the deal in hours, instead of weeks:

The “Low-Hanging Fruit”

Using this method as a first stop will save hours and days of wasted effort in your search. Check out recent placements (or near placements) of similar roles that your organization has covered. Your shortlist should contribute at least a handful of active, good quality candidates that can be put forward within minutes. What’s even better – these candidates have already been qualified and fully vetted. Their CVs are on file and someone in the office has likely met them. Easy as pie.

Your Database

Recruitment databases are some of the most underutilized software processes used in business. Your first stop is to invest in a top quality CRM which is easy to use, has a slick user experience and encourages both you and your consultants to use on a daily basis. Neglecting your database means information goes there to die a slow death. Check out Talisman Recruitment Technology for an easy to use solution that won’t be neglected by your team.


I personally know several recruitment managers who have built huge bolt-ons to their successful businesses based on close relationships with other consultancy firms. If your sector focus is technology, it makes no sense to simply turn away candidates in the health sector. You can still make money from these candidates – even if not directly. It’s not unusual for recruiters to refer to other agencies, but without any financial return.

Why not send those candidates over to a sister recruitment firm who does cover healthcare? You get a percentage, they get a percentage. And there’s a good chance they’re also getting candidates that aren’t right for them, which means they are turning away candidates that might be perfect for the role you’re recruiting for right now. Reach out and make a partnership agreement with a firm that will be mutually beneficial for you both.

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