Hunt for build and design contractor for new M11 Harlow Junction

A bid race has begun to find a contractor to design and build Essex County Council’s £50m new M11 junction.

New junction 7a will be a grade-separated junction which will be connected by a new overbridge and slips roads to the M11.  a new linking road will join the M11 to the B183. In addition, the B183 will be widened to allow access to the A414.

Extensive work on the landscape will be needed. Plans involve elevating the local grounds by 5-6m to reach a maximum height of 9m.

Interested firms have until the 8th of August 2018 with talk of works beginning in June 2019. Highways England is aware that Junction 7 is over capacity and that this new junction will help congestion significantly as part of the Road Investment Strategy 2015-2020.

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Images sourced from Guardian

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