How to train your recruiters to handle disgruntled construction workers

Foreman didn’t sign off the timesheets in time? And now your recruiters are receiving phone calls from disgruntled construction workers?
Here are some tips to train your recruiters to handle these common construction recruitment situations and how to prevent them in the future!
Don’t take it personally.
If the worker is being rude without a reason don’t take it to heart they clearly have chosen a time to call you when they are most angry and are letting it out on you. They aren’t trying to hurt your feelings they are just frustrated and can’t do anything about it but call you to make themselves feel better.
Be understanding.
If the worker hasn’t been paid on time take into consideration the knock-on effect that may be having on their lives, if they call angry ask them questions about their situation and try to reassure them that you’re doing everything you can to help them, this sign of hope will calm them down and give you a chance to explain what the situation is without them shouting back.
Have patience.
Each time you interact with the worker you build up an image of the company and the recruitment process, it’s the hard truth that a bad interaction can taint the worker’s experience. Don’t let the situation get under your skin always be polite you’ll feel better knowing you didn’t respond unprofessionally.
Maintain your authority and control.
Having someone abuse you over the phone or upset you is unacceptable. It is professional to stand up for yourself. State that you will not be spoken to in that way and if it continues you will end the phone call. Ask your management if you can record the conversation, that way if the worker was ever to make a formal complaint you have evidence that you handled the situation professionally. Always tell your manager if a worker is speaking to you rudely and if they try to bypass you and speak to your manager they will be able to explain to them that they behaved rudely and that you handled the situation in the correct way.
Get all the facts.
Don’t make any promises you can’t keep to the worker. Find out all the relevant information and only then tell the worker what you are able to do. Don’t believe every word the worker tells you, get hard facts and evidence from them, for example, if they said they sent in their timesheet ask them to forward you the email with a time stamp.
Utilise technology.
Use software that makes tracking conversations easy. Talisman recruitment technology provides specialist software ideal for construction recruitment agencies. Preloaded templates make it easier to quickly send relevant information and documents to workers. Automated diary updates ensure that the consultants can’t forget to note the last contact they had with a worker. 

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